Her Potential, Amplified.

The Courage to Create is a program developed for women and girls to develop positive self-esteem and emotional wellbeing through group and individual music making experiences. Provided through Amplify Music Therapy and under the not for profit sponsorship of Creative Visions Foundation, we work to empower women of all ages to amplify their inner potential.

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What is Empowerment?

Empowerment involves emotional wellbeing, self-concept, self-esteem, confidence in skills and abilities, and a feeling of having a right to practice those skills and abilities. Empowerment is not only the internal process of developing self-confidence, but also the external process of finding the space to practice it. 

Why Music Therapy?

Music groups provide a unique opportunity for individuals to develop skills (song-writing, emotional processing, social skills, musical skills), while simultaneously having the space to practice those skills. Furthermore, within group music therapy sessions, individuals are given the opportunity to create safe and supportive relationships with others, while practicing constructive discussions and problem solving. 

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Who We Are

The Courage to Create was founded by Emma Byrd in partnership with Vanessa Contopulos, owner of Amplify Music Therapy. 

Vanessa, MA, MT-BC is a music therapist, singer-songwriter and mother. With over 20 years of experience in music therapy and music education, Vanessa believes in using music to help people of all ages and abilities to tap into their creative spirit.

Emma, MT-BC is a music therapist, and singer-songwriter in the San Diego area. She has experienced first-hand the power of music in developing self-confidence and emotional wellbeing through songwriting, performing, and her work as a music therapist. She hopes to help women of all ages to discover their own voices and feel empowered to use them.